Monday, July 04, 2011

Cain's Campaign Turnover

Cain Counters: Herman Cain doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with his presidential campaign despite recent prominent staff defections in Iowa and New Hampshire. In fact, he told reporters Sunday, "I'm just telling you that's not a story." Cain's Iowa and New Hampshire state directors quit. So did his Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll director and his regional director. Pretty high-profile positions in two high-profile states. And the straw poll is only about 6 weeks away. Cain said, "Turnover is a natural thing in any organization you're trying to put together, you know. Sorry to see her (Iowa director Tina Goff) leave. But I wish her luck."

Organization is huge getting people to the straw poll August 13th. So who is doing this organization for Cain? Cain said he's replaced the departures. He said, "We have already replaced them, quite frankly, almost immediately, so this is not a major hiccup to this campaign." He didn't name names. I've left a message with his national campaign asking who these replacements are, but haven't heard back yet. Cain also said he has secured an Iowa campaign headquarters but wouldn't say where it is or when it would open (before or after the straw poll?)

Before this bit of news, Cain seemed to have some mojo going, finishing 3rd in the Des Moines Register's first Iowa Poll of presidential candidates. Will he overcome the staff departures and get a top 3 finish in the straw poll? Or is that out of the question now?

Here's the raw interview with Cain:

One more Cain note...According to a tweet from the Fayette County Republican Chairman Jim Kirkpatrick, Cain canceled on the group. He tweeted this:

@TheHermanCain has cancelled on our aug 6th fayette gop summer picnic

I haven't heard back yet for the reason for the cancelation.

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