Friday, October 23, 2009

Zaun for Congress

It looks like Doug Gross may have known what he was talking about after all last weekend. Gross, the former GOP candidate for governor, said on Channel 13's "Insiders", that State Senator Brad Zaun was looking at running for the Republican nomination for Iowa's Third Congressional District. You will remember Congressman Leonard Boswell announced on election night in 2008 he would run again in 2010. Zaun wouldn't rule it out, he told me, at the time.

Zaun is a former mayor of Urbandale and owned a hardware store for years. He confirmed to me this afternoon he is "seriously looking" at running. And he told me he would decide in the next 2-3 weeks. Zaun has represented District 32 since 2005. The last two years or so, he has become a bigger face and voice for senate Republicans, especially on money matters.

Dave Funk as already announced he wants the nomination. And former GOP Chairman Mike Mahaffey has said he is looking at running.


Anonymous said...

Brad Zaun will be a terrific choice for the 3rd district. Zaun is well known for his focus on fiscal responsibility in government spending and has drawn strong support from republicans, democrats, and independents in past elections.

Zaun and his campaign team have proven they know how to win elections, and I would expect Mahaffy not to run now that Zaun is in.

Anonymous said...

In addition to most people agreeing he is an idiot, there are too many rumors about how much he likes the ladies in the lobby up at the state house. Apparently his kids are screw ups and are OWIs or other disasters waiting to happen. Unpaid property taxes, nearly foreclosed on a house, lost his business too.He should just be happy that his aging pretty boy demeanor has gotten him this far in life and continue to pretend he knows what he is talking about on the floor of the Iowa Senate.

Al said...

Dave, You seem to have forgotten a candidate for this seat. Pat Bertroche a doctor from Des Moines is also running for this race. If Zaun and Mahaffey both get into the race it is going to be one crowded primary.

Anonymous said...

Never looked but bet boswell`s eyes are brown from being full of it.