Sunday, October 25, 2009

Challengers Beware: Predictions about Iowa Congressmen

Much of the media's attention has been focused on the Iowa governor's race and the so-called "mystery candidate" to take on Republican Senator Chuck Grassley next year. But a report I saw this weekend has a bit of a warning for anyone thinking of challenging Iowa's congressional incumbents, at least in two of the races.

Congresssional Quarterly has changed its predictions to favor the incumbents. Republicans Dave Funk and Brad Zaun beware: CQ moved 3rd District Democratic Congress Leonard Boswell's re-election race from "likely Democrat" to "safe Democrat". I don't know of a Democratic challenger for 4th District Republican Congress Tom Latham. But CQ changed the race from "likely Republican" to "safe Republican". Here's the report:

And this video has no news value at all. But it shows how important "pausing" is between words:) Check out this anchor's unfortunate lack of a pause when he talks about how his co-anchor is off for the night.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Mr. Price didn't read the rest of the article, where it states this could change with a strong candidate other than Funk. Now that Zaun is looking to run, this changes this district to very competitive under any real evaluation.

Anonymous said...

We need a balance of power to stop this run away spending and the giving of the shaft to the seniors plus our service people.