Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boeyink Leaves Party for Branstad

In yet another sign Terry Branstad will run for Iowa's governor again, word's out today the Republican Party of Iowa Executive Director Jeff Boeyink quit his job. Is there any doubt Branstad wants a fifth term as governor now? Here's the release from the Branstad people...

Richard Schwarm today announced the hiring of Jeffrey Boeyink to lead the Terry Branstad 2010 Committee as it continues to explore a possible gubernatorial run by former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Schwarm said, “This is the next natural step in our exploratory process as we move from a volunteer effort to the acquisition of professional staff and financial resources to take Terry Branstad 2010 to the next level of effectiveness.”

Boeyink has served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) since last February and resigned yesterday to accept this new position. Prior to joining RPI, Boeyink served as President of Iowans for Tax Relief where he worked for more than two decades.

Schwarm also noted, “This appointment does not signal any change in Terry Branstad’s status as a potential gubernatorial candidate. He continues in his role at Des Moines University and will make his plans known at a future date.”


desmoinesdem said...

Yeah, right--Branstad is still weighing his options and will make his decision known sometime.

As if Boeyink would leave a steady job with the GOP to take this on without assurances that Branstad will run.

Roy Rogers said...

Boeyink is brilliant! Smart move by Branstad Committee. Desmoinesdem, I take it you were not a political science major in college. Just a guess ;-)