Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Branstad to Announce Plans for Governor

Four-time Iowa Governor Terry Branstad wants a fifth term in office. Sources close to Branstad tell me he will announce his plans for the future during a speech at Des Moines University Friday at noon. The news comes hardly as a surprise as this week Iowa Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Boeyink announced he was quitting the party to head up the 2010 Terry Branstad Committee, Branstad's organizational wing of his campaign efforts. Sandy Greiner, a former Republican lawmaker, led a group called "Draft Branstad". Yesterday, she sent out a message yesterday to supporters of her efforts that said the group would disband because of "mission accomplished". The group changed its efforts to NextGen PAC.

Branstad is currently the president of Des Moines University. Wednesday night, he lead a dinner at Prairie Meadows Racetracack & Casino in Altoona to benefit a minority scholarship fund for DMU students in health sciences. Branstad thanked the audience for what he said was a record night for the dinner. Approximately 600 people attended. Branstad did not discuss his plans to run for governor. A source close to him said he wanted the night to be about the scholarships and not his political future.


desmoinesdem said...

Is NextGenPAC going to remain registered as a 527 group? Because if they are, they can't advocate for Branstad under Iowa law.

Anonymous said...

you sure are a smart one desmoinesdem... thank goodness iowans have you uncovering the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Hey desmoinesdem, did you know that Iowa law is silent on 527 activity? Unless it was changed in the last legislative session, there is no provision in Iowa law that addresses what a 527 organization can do.

Federal law does speak to permissible activities, and thus, most groups in Iowa have attempted to follow the federal guidelines. However, according to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board staff, there is (to borrow a phrase) "no controlling legal authority" in the Iowa law.

So technically, a 527 can advocate for whomever it wants, whenever it wants.

If that's not the case, show me the statute.

Anonymous said...