Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christie Vilsack, Mystery Candidate?

Tuesday morning former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack told reporters to ask his wife is she is running against Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. You will recall last month on Iowa Public Television's "Iowa Press", Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan said he had a mystery candidate to run against Grassley and that Grassley would be in for the "race of his life". So I went to Iowa State University where Christie Vilsack had a schedule appearance. Several ISU professors had designed a jacket for her to wear to the World Food Prize's dinner Thursday night in Des Moines. It is covered in tomatoes.

Christie Vilsack told me she has been talking to people about running. She said she has no timetable. Several things stood out from our interview. She mentioned she was "well-qualified" to run (she has never held public office before). She also pointed out that her husband had called her to say Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe had voted for the health care bill in the Senate Finance Committee. She said you can't make history by saying "no". Grassley, by the way, voted no on the health care plan. She also said Snowe showed bipartisanship. She said she also shows bipartisanship, through her time as Iowa's first lady and her current work. Here's the full interview. Can we safely say she just might be the mystery candidate? Watch for yourself:

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Anonymous said...

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