Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wanna Spend Your Money

Hillary Clinton and her husband raked in $109 million in the past eight years. But she needs money. Barack Obama is schooling her on how to raise dollars in this presidential campaign (he took in $40 mil last month, twice her take). So the Clintons are resorting to good old-fashioned begging...but begging with a twist. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea (or so the emails say) sent out messages to supporters asking for cash. Chelsea even sent out one saying if you donated, you get registered to win a night with the Clintons at a private concert in New York with "The Rocket Man" Elton John or "Sharon" as the internet tells me Rod Stewart nicknamed him.

If Sir Elton doesn't sound like your type, how about a shot playing the conductor? Send your money to help Clinton in Pennsylvania, and you get to decide how the campaign spends your dough. Here's the email she sent to supporters:

We need yard signs to show our campaign's strength. We need vans to get Pennsylvania voters to the polls on April 22. We need ads on the air and online to compete against the Obama campaign. And starting today, you can decide just how your contributions will help us win Pennsylvania. MyPA, our new online effort dedicated to winning the Pennsylvania primary on April 22, allows you to designate exactly where you want your money to go.This campaign is your campaign. Every single day I think about how much I owe to your generosity and hard work. I wouldn't be where I am now without your support. So, I want to make sure you have a say in how your money is spent. We face an opponent who is outspending us by as much as 4 to 1 -- I need your help now.

Click here to visit MyPA, make a contribution, and tell us where to put your dollars in our campaign to win Pennsylvania! I need your help to win in Pennsylvania and the races beyond. Your commitment and your investment are absolutely critical. I cannot win without your help. I hope you'll show your support now and tell us exactly where you want your money spent in our Pennsylvania campaign. I appreciate all your input, all your support, and all the hard work you do. Sincerely, Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you're up late tonight, tip back a cold one. At a minute past midnight 75 years ago, prohibition ended and beer drinkers could celebrate once again.


Anonymous said...

I guess we should enjoy it while we can! The way ALL government is going, All kinds of prohibition will be coming back!

Anonymous said...

if indeed elected you will see your next glimce of hell with clinton and polosi at command

Anonymous said...

Nation For Change Rally - Saturday, April 19th

Nation For Change Rally
Saturday, April 19th

A nationwide rally of Obama supporters - United for Change

The Nation For Change Rallies will be held in all 50 states on April 19th

Participants will attend the rally to show their support for Senator Barack Obama in advance of the upcoming primaries (Pennsylvania on April 22nd and North Carolina & Indiana on May 6th) and the Iowa District Conventions scheduled for April 26th.

The Nation for Change Rally is sponsored by grassroots supporters of Senator Barack Obama

Saturday, April 19th
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

West Side of Iowa State Capitol Building
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