Saturday, April 05, 2008

7 Years

I really can't believe it. 7 years. Today is my seven year anniversary at WHO-TV. Amazing. I mean, it's Des Moines. It's Iowa. Boring, nothing-to-do here Iowa. Or so that's how it may seem to anyone who hasn't been here. Boy, were they wrong. Boy, was I wrong. Why didn't I come here sooner?

My Lucky 7

7 days I worked a week in the weeks/months before the Iowa Caucuses. No regrets.
6 th day of October will always now be extra special.
5 places I've lived since I moved here (Including the week I stayed at the Heartland Inn)
4 B-Rollers on our bowling team at Plaza Lanes. Two weeks til the championship.
3 Mizzou friends who convinced me to join them at WHO. Thanks.
2 Dam to Dams I've run. Number three is eight weeks away.
1 amazing wife. I went to Mizzou the same time Emily did. It took moving to Des Moines for me to meet her. Sunday is our 6 month anniversary. So glad I came here.

Thanks, Iowa

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