Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Why exactly did we hurry here to the federal courthouse in Davenport this morning? I suppose it's paranoia. I didn't want to be lolly gagging at the hotel while the jury came back with a verdict in the CIETC salary scandal. No worries. Definitely, no worries.

If it weren't for the company of fellow reporters, the federal marshals, that mocha espresso, and, of course, the sheer bitterness of looking out through the window at this postcard-perfect sunny day, there wouldn't be much to keep us awake.

Unlike when I was here last time, there are no people in the "waiting room" outside the courtroom. No one's waiting to testify. No supportive family members help pass the time. It's empty. Of course, at this point, there's no reason to be here.

The jurors have been going at it since 8:30 this morning. The only activity so far is a request from them to again look at a c.d. that had audio recordings of an old CIETC board meeting. It's after 4pm now. You wonder if they'll quit for the night soon and try again tomorrow.

No sign of any of the defendants or their attorneys. They are all just a phone call away though when the jury reaches a decision. Whenever that is.

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