Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 2, Part 2

We have a quick break, so I need to catch up. Another former CIETC'er, Pamela Jones, said at one point she asked Ramona Cunningham if she had something going on with Dan Albritton. Cunningham, she said, no, because Albritton was "gay". Doesn't quite jive with what others have already said.

I just passed the Gang of 4 in the hallway. They're "on deck". Polk CO Supervisors EJ Giovannetti, Bob Brownell, Angela Connolly, and Tom Hockensmith. The other Sup isn't on the witness list, John Maura. You'd have to figure that's a guy Republicans would love to have seen get wrapped up in this whole mess.

Former Sup, Nathan Brooks is also waiting his turn to talk. He also used to work at CIETC.


krusty said...

So Dave, do you take Chopper 13 to Davenport everyday? What a sweet ride!

Dave Price said...

Nope. I'm wish. Chopper Fred gets us wherever we need to go in that chopper. But for this trip, we're staying in Davenport.