Thursday, April 10, 2008

CIETC, part 3

The rain might be playing a bigger role here in Davenport. This is at least the second time Archie Brooks has asked for a question to be repeated. Each time the rain picks up upside, it gets louder pounding on the roof above us here in the federal courthouse.

Brooks just finished up and left the courtroom.

Dave Reed, the current Boone Co. Supervisor and former CIETC board member just took the stand. He's having problems with the rain, too. He has at least twice asked to have the question repeated to him, one time specifically saying he was having problems with the sound of the rain "going on".

More problems with the sound of the rain. Is this now the sixth time or so this a.m.?

Reed said he didn't know back during the CIETC days, even though he was vice-chair of the board, who got bonuses or how much execs received. He did say he didn't think Karen Tesdell's salary was "excessive".

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Anonymous said...

Dave - It's Sonya H. A little background on the rain: Judge Pratt told jurors on Tuesday that the judge who usually presides over the West Courtroom has had to adjourn because the rain on the roof made it impossible to hear testimony.