Monday, March 19, 2007

You're Hired, Part III

Ah, the relaxation of retirement. First, Tom Vilsack retired as Governor, and then he retired as a Presidential candidate. Tomorrow, we find out about another way he'll stay busy. Vilsack's already taken a part time teaching position with Drake University and a consultant's position with MidAmerican Energy. Now, this...(it just arrived courtesy of the Iowa Senate Democrats)

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack Appointed to the Institute For Tomorrow’s Workforce Board

11:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What: Iowa Senate President John (Jack) Kibbie will announce the appointment of Thomas J. Vilsack, former Governor of Iowa, to the Institute For Tomorrow’s Workforce (ITW) Board of Directors.

The Institute for Tomorrow’s Workforce (ITW), a state-level non-profit foundation, was created by the Iowa legislature in 2005 to develop recommendations for quality educational opportunities for all Iowa’s learners pre-K through post-secondary to meet the workforce needs of Iowa in the global economy and to assure their success in the 21st Century.

The three areas under consideration this legislative session are: statewide standards and clear, 21st-century learning expectations for all students; standards and benchmarks for a quality educational delivery system; and implementing the 2001 Career Ladder for teachers with professional levels of compensation.


Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of liberal media such as your self who tv, with all you anti war crap and that is what it is crap you station and others like yourself never have anything postive to say about the war in Iraq. You should be thanking God every day for President Bush he is a great President and a good and moral man. Remember with Sadam in power he killed thousands of his own people with weapons of mass destruction wake tv 13 before I change the channel and start supporting our President and the troops and stop with the negativity and the Bush bashing. After all it is hate that drives the Bush haters.

Dave Price said...

Hold on, let me stop burning my bra for a minute so I can respond... Man, that's hot.
We just cover the news here. We don't invent it. Since two-thirds of the American people say they're not happy with the way the President is running the country, that's why you see us cover anti-war rallies like we did yesterday.
Perhaps, you should organize some pro-President rallies. Even we biased, leftie media outlets may cover it. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

hhmm, my 2 cents. Vilsack is a lawyer, therefore he is about as honest as a drug pusher. Ok, I have a job for him... Trash collector. That may be way too good for him as well though.

Oh, and to the comment above saying Bush is such a good man? Um, right. ... He should also be charged with treason for putting corporate interests ahead of national soverenty and law. This also goes to most of his staff.

And to think, I am a republican and am absolutely not voting for Hillary. ha

leftie rightie? I guess I am a circle.