Wednesday, March 14, 2007

McCoy Indicted: Dems to the Defense?

Those long-whispered rumors about trouble for Des Moines Senator Matt McCoy got a lot louder with a criminal indictment. The U.S. Attorney's office charged him with one count of extortion.

The attorney charged that McCoy used his power as a public official to threaten a former business partner and extort money out of him (the feds say they provided the money). The two men were setting up a private company that puts motion detectors in a home so you can check on elderly relatives over the internet.

McCoy told me he doesn't recall any threat (which the feds say are recorded during a secret taping with McCoy's former biz partner) McCoy does say it was a "heated argument" but that he doesn't recall exactly what was said. The feds say McCoy wanted money or he'd make sure his former partner wouldn't get the state contract to buy the equipment for Medicaid patients.

How are the dems coming to McCoy's defense? Here's what top dem Mike Gronstal had to say in a news release this afternoon:

A Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal Regarding the indictment of State Senator Matt McCoy

"Iowans want, expect, and deserve to have their legislators function in a way that meets a high ethical standard. Senate Democrats are committed to ensuring that all our members meet those high ethical standards.

"Naturally, we are concerned about the criminal indictment against Senator McCoy. If true, these are serious charges.

"Obviously, like any other U.S. citizen, Senator McCoy is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
"In consultation with Senator McCoy, we will continue to monitor this matter to assure there are no real or perceived conflicts of interest as it relates to his ongoing legislative duties."

I was searching for a McCoy pic and found this. Who knew Lloyd Braun's real name is also Matt McCoy?


MIdlevel Primate said...

Whose next???????????

Can you say culture of corruption?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Vilsack for conspiracy to commit a felony by supporting criminal illegal aliens. Next, hopefully Culver for destroying any remnants of economic stability (which has been rather shaky already) within our state by beginning the process of more taxes to pay for his state employee pay increases.