Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mac at the Mic

I counted about a dozen times I heard John McCain use Ronald Reagan's name during his town hall meeting in Ames. Coincidence or concerted effort to win over the nostalgic conservatives?

In fact, he even said Reagan's the reason he got into politics. And he used one of Reagan's famous Iowa lines...that (while Reagan was Prez) he hadn't seen that much pork since he was giving out the Blue Ribbons at the Iowa State Fair. The line brought a few laughs.

I also got some time to sit down with the Sen. and his wife for a bit. We're putting that story together to run Monday night at 10pm. They talked about why he's trying to be a player in Iowa this time, what the Mrs. sees around the house that'll make her hubby a good Prez, and how they escape the campaign. (They also gave me a honeymoon destination suggestion. Thanks, btw)

As you know, McCain likes to drop a few funnies on the trail. Here's one, along with a little slip of the tongue...

The funny came after a series of annoyingly loud "pops" by the microphone McCain was using at the town hall..

Here's a cell phone pic I snapped off while riding on The Straight Talk Express from The Iowa Statehouse to the town hall meeting in Ames.

Two V.I.P.'s made the trip, one current, one former. That's Minnesota Gov Tim Pawlenty in the back and former metro U.S. Rep. Greg Ganske.

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