Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Health Announcement

Thursday morning at 11 Central time, we should know more about the health of Elizabeth Edwards. The campaign says both Mrs. and Senator John Edwards will hold a news conference in North Carolina to discuss her health.

I talked with the Des Moines office around 10:30 pm Wednesday. (They were still working, by the way) Press Secretary Mark McCullough directed me to the national office, which isn't saying much more about what's happening.

I had expected to talk with Senator Edwards Tuesday night during a house party in Indianola. But just two hours before the wine and cheese party was scheduled to start, the Senator called the host to say he had to cancel. Edwards said his wife got some unexpected news from the doctor following her checkup earlier in the day and he had to fly back home right away.

Edwards' campaign seemed to have a different spin on what was transpiring. A release said Mrs. Edwards just had a routine followup appointment scheduled for Wednesday and that the Senator wanted to be with her, since he usually accompanies her to the doctor. That take seemed a lot less urgent than what I was told from the site of the house party.

Let's hope all the worry is unneeded. Let's hope Mrs. Edwards breast cancer isn't back. Let's hope we don't have to watch the Senator halt his campaign while his wife gets treatment. Let's hope everything is really o.k. Let's hope.

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Joan said...

Best wishes to Mrs. Edwards.