Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Winning the Corn

Iowa Corn Growers endorsed Jim Nussle. I asked a spokesperson, "why"? She said it was his record. Why I asked did you pick him over Chet Culver and maybe even more so, Patty Judge, the Sec of Ag? She said she didn't want to elaborate. Judge told me, she was "disappointed."

Corngrowers also went for Leonard Boswell over Jeff Lamberti. The spokesperson said it was his record.


Joan said...

What about Nussle's record made them endorse Nussle?

What about Boswell's record made them endorse Boswell?

If endorsing someone, the endorsement only holds water if you explain why.

Can you act as our voice and question them again Dave?

Dave Price said...

I tried. But they refused to give specifics.

Joan said...

My personal opinion then is that their endorsement means very little. Thanks for trying. Don't give up.