Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Goat

Steve Bartman=Archie Brooks?

Looks like dems have their CIETC scapegoat, or so they hope. Des Moines Councilman finally did what so many people, including very prominent dems, wanted him to do....quit. Chet Culver and Sally Pederson had both said Brooks should get out of office. Brooks finally did. Do you think the fact that the A.G. and the Polk County Attorney had told Brooks they were working to forcibly remove him from office had anything to do with Brooks leaving? Will Brooks' resignation be enough to shake the "stank" off this scandal for dems? Repubs hope not.

(Courtesy: Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Gene Phillips seems to be leaning toward taking on another CIETC figure, Polk County Supervisor John Mauro. Phillips told me he'll decide in the next week or so. You'll remember Phillips beat Mauro once before (he beat Brooks one time, too). Phillips said he'd be at a big disadvantage though time-wise and money-wise since he would be getting into this race so late. It will be interesting to see if Phillips can raise much money. Since repubs couldn't put up an anti-Mauro candidate of their own, will they put some bucks behind Phillips?


Anonymous said...

Great Steve Bartman reference!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best! Goat noise scared me at first, but love the creativity!!!

Anonymous said...

Stupid noise.