Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Worked for Ramona

Interesting sales pitch at the CIETC board meeting today. DMACC squared off against ICHS (Iowa Comprehensive Human Services). Each pitched its case to CIETC boardmembers (those who have survived this scandal, that is) why its organization would be the best to serve as the financial monitoring service of CIETC.

ICHS's Executive Director Jim Underwood admitted it felt like a "David versus Goliath." In this case, David may not have had much of a rock for his trusty slingshot. He said DMACC's prez Rob Denson was kind enough to give him a copy of DMACC's presentation beforehand. But Underwood said he didn't read over it because he didn't want to feel "depressed."

Underwood also told the boardmembers how his organization (btw, he couldn't say for sure how much his group takes in a year or who the boardmembers were) has helped a lot of people over the years. He mentioned that one woman came to ICHS years ago. She had dropped out of high school and had very few job skills. Her name was Ramona Cunningham (are you drowning in the irony here?)
Of course, the CIETC board recently fired her after investigators found she was pocketing nearly 400 grand a year in salaries and bonuses.

The board unanimously voted against Ramona's alma mater to take over CIETC.


Anonymous said...

Looks like ICHS is using Ako's business plan. Give me free money because I want to "help" people.

How does one get to start a social services agency without any professional background? Aren't there some standards that involve professional liability? Isn't there some malpractice to be concerned with?

Why do we need the DHS with all those professionally trained social workers if you just need to state - I want to help people and get money?

Anonymous said...

Dissolve CIETC entirely and pass legislation that will force all public adult education centers to form "actual" job training programs. And if they ask for money, revoke their lisences to conduct operations entirely. No expections allowed. A proper career education center does not need money, because it would be generated through what they do. Companies pay a whole lot for this.

Oh, and I heard the DOC is wanting more as usual. Ok, stop being another CIETC and fire all the corrupt employees. Wait a second, that just about all fo them. Just another CIETC, but way more then the petty few million that was stolen.