Thursday, August 10, 2006

Saddle up


"Are they for clean water or are they not?" That's what the Gov asked out loud as he fumed to me about the Legislature's Rules Review Committee. The committee doesn't think DNR should have so much power in deciding where and whether those big livestock operations should set up shop. He clearly wasn't happy. Apparently, neither was House Speaker Chris Rants (or whoever crafted his press release response).

"It's like an old western movie. Except instead of riding out into the sunset to the cheers of the townspeople, the governor is blazing out of town in a black hat shooting out the store windows."

Giddeeup cowboys...I can't wait to the shootout at the OK corral November 7th.


Anonymous said...

Change the goat noise to some horse noise! Love the "special effects"!

Anonymous said...

It seems like this is the only place to come for local politics. There is tons of national stuff, but nothing local.

Thank you!

Dave Price said...

I had some help getting the goat on. I'll try to do that more often.
Thanks for the nice words, "anons"