Monday, August 21, 2006


CIETC, it's the gift that keeps on giving to get us through what's usually a slow period for political news. But, of course, not in Iowa! At least not this year.
CIETC's attorney is going to talk about the two sets of books (or at least by-laws) CIETC had. Maybe we'll find out how one organization has two sets of rules. Let's hope the answers are a little less confusing and contradicting than the answers from many people involved in these hearings so far.

Will anyone ever go to jail or at least have to give back some of ill-gotten money when this is all over?


Mary said...

Thanks for sticking with this. I have not preconceived thoughts on who is at fault, who should go to jail or if anyone should go to jail. But I do appreciate you sticking with it past just the initial hoohaw. Sometimes it is hard to get follow up on stories, you have done a great job on this.

Anonymous said...

I think many are at fault for this one. It is almost impossible to manipulate official documents like that, but it happened. Well, whomever is at fault, likely many, should be held criminally accountable to the absolute fullest extent of the law. No plea bargains and no probation. Anything less would be a slap in all of our faces around here.

Then, once the dust has settled, our state should pass legislation that outlaws all bonuses and gifts for "all" state aganecies and related non and for profit state ran orginizations and groups. State employees and derivatives of are public servants. If they would like bonuses, there are plenty of jobs that are happy to pay them $5.15 an hour. Hence, the comment is because our state employees are very higly paid and should be thankful that the public is so generous. In some states, minimum wage really does apply. Most of our public employees make in excess of $40,000 annually and a very large chunk of them make in great excess of $50,000. If you can't live on that in our state, you can't live anywhere.

With the pay of our elected officials. It's more than enough as well. Not only do they get a salary, but pretty much all their expenses are covered as well. I wonder how much that one runs up a year. Ouch. I'm, looking it up. It's probably more than what I even make.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere I look there are people in control of money that lack integrity & take the money. It's where I work; everwhere. It's rare when you find someone who doesn't. As one (CIETEC) lawyer stated, "If there's money involved, someone will take it. That's why all our pensions are at risk!!! Government has a clear track record in this and I work for the Federal government.