Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Little Secret Support?

Mike Blouin hit the airwaves with another commercial. He says Gov Vilsack's name 27 times. O.K., maybe not quite. He doesn't show that grinny picture with the Gov he used in the last spot. But he mentions several times about working with the Gov in the past on bringing jobs here (Of course, Ed Fallon would argue that most of those 25,000 promised jobs aren't here yet and may never come).
Those whispers at the statehouse that the Gov's pushing behind-the-scenes for Blouin to win probably don't hurt. The Gov told me he won't endorse before the primary. Will his wife do a pre-primary endorsement like she did for John Kerry pre-caucus in '04? Insiders seem to argue this both ways. Here's one argument...It could be risky if she does (which will make some people think her hubby is, too) if Blouin loses. That could be akward from June til November. But is it risky the other way, too? That's the other argument...What if neither of the Vilsacks endorses Blouin, Blouin loses the primary and Culver then loses the general election? Won't that hurt the Gov's prez chances if he couldn't get a dem elected to replace him? Stay tuned...


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