Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And it starts...

We can call it an official race now. Someone has gone negative. Mike Blouin is the winner (or loser, depending on your take on it) Blouin's airing a new tv ad. He comes after Chet Culver for a lobbying job he had. Culver worked for Ed Campbell who represented IBP. Blouin's saying Culver's a hypocrite for criticizing the big meatpacking plant now, but lobbying for the place in the '90s.

Culver says he was a kid out of college back then, and besides, he says he never actually lobbied on IBP's behalf. Here's the Culver rebuttal...

"Mike Blouin has chosen to take the low road in this primary by being first to air negative and misleading attack ads on television. Blouin is making a misleading smear and he knows it. When I was 23 years old, just out of college, I worked for a firm headed by former Iowa Democratic Party chair Ed Campbell that represented a number of clients, including Iowa Beef Processors. My role at the firm was administrative, but as a requirement of my employment, I had to fill out registration forms that identified me as a lobbyist. Let me be very clear: I never lobbied on behalf of Iowa Beef."

Blouin's spokesperson says he's just pointing out the truth. And if Culver's using the excuse that he was just a kid out of college, then how can Culver brag about working in the A.G.'s office the following year or so? Wasn't he still just a kid?

Let the mudslinging begin...


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Anonymous said...

No. Let the mudslinging end. Ed Fallon had it right at the debates when tried to redirect the conversation to current issues and future goals.

Because...ahem...that is what we are voting for. I don't care that Culver worked in politics "just out of college", whether as a lobbyist or an assistant to a bureaucrat.

That's cute bio stuff. What are either Culver or Blouin going to do now?

I hope the answer to that question is "Lose to Ed Fallon."

Independant farmer's daughter said...

Yes. Where would we be without the mudslinging? Anymore, that term is synonymous with political races. I, for one, haven't paid much attention, YET. "Sinfully" registered as an Independant, I really get turned off by partisanship and mudslinging - I will make my own choice regardless of a party affiliation. I better start paying attention and look forward to watching this weekend's debate. I hope to be able to see some character, goals, and issues addressed CLEARLY.

Then again, maybe i shouldn't get my hopes up...

Anonymous said...

Besides, the "real" negative ads, with the grainy images normally reserved for drug or gambling addiction PSAs, the creepy voice-over, the brief, damning soundbites haven't started...

Oh, wait, here's the new Culver ad!