Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Kernel of Hope?

Yes, I know. It wasn't scientific. But "Cast Your Kernel 2006, Part I and Part II seemed to show some strength for Ed Fallon. More than 800 people dropped a piece of corn into the jar of a Gub wannabe. Fallon topped the dems the first day at the downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market. Culver bested Fallon in a much smaller sample we took at Gray's Lake in Des Moines on Memorial Day.
Quite a few people said it's Fallon's simple but positive tv ads he's running. That's why they say they'll vote for him. They complained (polite way to say the b#!*^ word) that Blouin and Culver have gone way too far with all their negative ads. Of course, any poli sci-type will say negative ads work, and that's why candidates have used them for decades.

Fallon says he's attracting a lot of non-dems to switch over to him for the primary. Questions are though...Are there enough of them to help him win? Did these repubs and independents get registered in time over the weekend so that they're even eligible to vote on primary day? And will they show up?


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Drew Miller said...

Just so you know, Republicans and no parties can change their registration to Democrat at the polls as long as they are in the same county. And they should, and then vote Democrat for the rest of their lives. :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Cast Your Kernel 2006" spot that you did...
I was just wondering who the good looking young man was that was helping you? Looks like he could make a great reporter!