Saturday, May 20, 2006


Buh-bye to the debates...The dems (no invite for Sal have wrapped up their final debate before the primary. Apparently, Culver's pulled out of the KUNI debate next week. I wonder why...
The Blouin camp may go 1 for 2 by night's end. Staffers said Culver's a flip-flopper on his love for civil unions and for a way to get Newton back some jobs and help the corn biz, too.
Blouin's staff maintains Culver told a gay rights group he's for civil unions in Iowa a few months back (I think Connecticut and Vermont are the only state's with this protection for same-sex couples so far) . During the IPTV/Des Moines Register debate Saturday, Culver said he's against civil unions (this came out during the lightning round questioning of the candidates. It's so enjoyable to see these guys only be able to give a yes or no answer. Or at least those were the rules) I can't seem to find anyone who can offer any proof Culver actually said what Blouin's peeps said he said months ago.
The Blouin gang may have caught the Chetster on another matter though. During Culver's news conference at Hoover High in Des Moines November 3rd, he talked about building a plant in Newton (where the soon-to-be-gone Maytag/Whirlpool plant stands) to make flex fuel vehicles. Blouin said that's unlikely in this state. Too much for a small state to steal a company from someplace else. Costs way too much. Culver then said he just meant building part of the flex fuelers, not the whole vehicle. Blouin's people say, make up your mind.
Culver tried to nail Blouin on flopping on abortion. He wanted to know why Blouin pushed to ban abortion when he was a congressman in the 70s and now he's saying he'll leave the law alone if he becomes guv. Too bad it took Culver so long to try to ask and re-ask the questions, he left no time for Blouin to have to answer. The moderator made them move on to the next topic. Oops... At least he'll get another shot during that KUNI debate....oops.
Fallon, who usually plays the nice guy, brought a little heat, too. He wondered why Culver spent so much of his out-of-state donated money on so many out-of-state consultants and such. Would Culver do the same with other things in the state, he asks? Ethanol plants? Power plants?
Random thoughts...
Why did Blouin keep taking his glasses off, then putting them back on over and over? Trying to look younger? Then older? Then younger? Then older?
Why was Culver sweating so much?
How did Blouin get out so many press releases while the debate was still going on?
Why can't former Des Moines Rep. John Connors serve as referee during these things (He was a stud boxer in his day and kick still kick a little a-- at the age of 80 plus. His wife still looks great, too, btw)
Why did I eat lunch before the debate at Burger King when the Register was so kind to put out sandwiches for us to snack on during the Gub-fest?


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