Saturday, May 06, 2006

Can't they all just get along?

An observation...Mike Blouin and Chet Culver don't like each other much. Am I going too far here? The two went back and forth too many times to count during the democratic gubernatorial debate in West Des Moines sponsored by the Iowa Broadcast News Association Saturday. (BTW, is it ironic that there were microphone problems during a convention of broadcasters?) Blouin went after Culver for lobbying for IBP after graduating college. Culver called him "desperate." Blouin even criticized Culver for yacking too long after his designated time ran out again and again. (Culver did go long almost every question).
Ed Fallon did his best to stand out. He reminded everyone he hates the 2000 foot rule for sex offenders. He voted against it actually. His clothes helped stand out a bit, too. He went with green attire. Culver and Blouin stuck to the typical politician suit, red power tie.
Interesting question during the debate...which political leader do the candidates most admire?Blouin went with a pair of initials...JFK, RFK.
Culver choose the Roosevelts, not Teddy and Franklin. He chose Franklin & Eleanor.
Fallon listed more political VIP's than the average person on the street can even name....FDR, Henry Wallace, Tom Harkin, Paul Wellstone, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Gandhi. Did I leave anyone out?
Oh, yeah, Sal Mohamed chose Henry Wallace, too.


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Anonymous said...

I see more Fallon stickers than for anyone else. I know he is a long shot, but stranger things have happened.

Drew Miller said...

Welcome to the internet! Now get an RSS feed. =)

KL Snow said...

Agreed. I'm glad you're blogging but would be considerably happier if an RSS feed were attached.

Anonymous said...

If only Ed Fallon had thought to get a walk-on role in Predator back in the day. That movie must be some kind of governor incubator.