Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iowa State University President

Presidential Pick: There's another race for president happening in Iowa that hasn't made national attention. Iowa State University now has a new president. And, while I had no personal connection to either candidate in this two-person race, I must say I think I speak for Iowa broadcasters when I say....WHEW! The Board of Regents chose Dr. Steven Leath.

Here's an email we received from the university news service that should explain our relief:

Despite everyone’s best efforts, there has been some confusion on how to pronounce the names of ISU’s presidential candidates. Please allow me to set the record straight for everyone now.

Dr. Steven Leath’s last name is pronounced LEETH. (As in, if you eat too many HEATH bars you may lose your TEETH.) There has been some tendency to say “LAYTH,” and that is incorrect. It’s LEETH.

Dr. Kumble Subbaswamy’s name is pronounced KOOM-blay SOO-buh-swah-mee. Originally, we were told “KOOM-buhl” by our colleagues at the University of Kentucky, but it is correctly pronounced “KOOM-blay.” Dr. Subbaswamy told search committee co-chair Roger Underwood this morning that his name has been perpetually mispronounced for years at Kentucky, and it never bothered him because everyone calls him “Swamy,” anyway. At any rate, we are going to try to get this right: KOOM-blay.

Thanks for your help and patience with this.

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