Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grassley: Palin Won't Run

No Palin for Prez: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley just told me he doesn't expect Sarah Palin to run for president. Grassley said with a smile, "She sure is acting like a candidate. But I believe she will not be getting in." When I asked him why she won't run, he replied, "She hasn't staffed up for it."

Grassley said he will wait until early October to see what the Republican field looks like and determine whether he will endorse a candidate. He said he will be watching for two things tonight during the Republican presidential debate. He wants to see how Rick Perry performs after shooting to the top of the polls. And he said he wants to see how Mitt Romney handles not being the front runner now. Grassley said he will watch to see if Romney gets more aggressive after "rising above the fray" previously when he was still on top.

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jim from the villages said...

Gee Dave, i could have told you over 6 months ago that PALIN HAS NO INTENTION OF RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT NOR DID SHE EVER HAVE. why is so hard for reporters/columnists to get this thru their heads? SHE KNOWS SHE IS UNELECTABLE BUT SHE JUST ENJOYS JERKING THE MSM ALL OVER THE PLACE. Pathetic that she is still being talked about as a possible candidate.