Monday, September 12, 2011

CNN Tea Party Express

Post Debate: Just a few thoughts as I watch the debate (on the DVR. Sorry but I had to watch my Cardinals' game live tonight, even though they ended up choking in the 8th inning).

Any way, on to the debate...

Debate started with the national anthem. Of the 8 candidates, only Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney sang along.

Was there a dress code? Romney, Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain and Rick Perry all chose dark suits with white shirts and red ties. Michele Bachmann chose a red sweater with a white top.

Romney's body language sure makes it look like he knows Perry is his chief rival. He turns his whole body to Perry when Perry talks. Perry looks over at him from time to time when Romney talks but it's a far different posture.

Perry claimed the president spent $800 billion and created "zero jobs". I assume he meant zero jobs in August? I've not heard anyone claim the stimulus didn't create a single job...?

Gingrich not attacking media this time and not criticizing any other candidate either. I'm curious what role he is trying to play in this race at this point.

Perry seemed to like Romney's joke that this is a smart phone world but president is still jamming quarters into pay phones.

Perry reached out and patted Romney on the back as Romney said Perry does deserve some credit for the job growth in Texas. Not sure what Romney thought of that little love tap.

Paul said Perry has doubled his taxes and he didn't want to criticize Perry now because he would raise his taxes more. I haven't heard this one before. Since Texas has no state income taxes, I assume he talking about property taxes?

Gingrich just took on Huntsman, Perry and Romney. Said when he was speaker, "American people" created more jobs for each of those 3 govs' states than either of those 3 men when they were governor.

Would Huntsman be more effective during these debates if he got to his point quicker?

Santorum is on the "wing" again in this debate. This time it's the far right. The first two debates had him on the far left. How do they decide placement?

Huntsman during his answer to a California teen said young people need to get involved. Key for Huntsman to get heavy youth vote who might like his pro-civil union stance more than older voters?

Romney again talking about his tax reduction plan for the middle class. I don't think I've heard any other Republican candidate talk about the middle class as much as Romney does.

Bachmann and Santorum just teamed up to come after Perry on his plan that required girls in Texas to get inoculated to prevent cervical center (although parents could opt their daughter out of it). Bachmann to this point had kept most of her criticism for the president.

Being the front runner in the polls sure gets Perry a LOT of attention from both the candidates and the moderator.

What got YOUR attention?

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