Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorenson vs. Gronstal

Shouting Senators: Hey, who says there's no excitement at the Iowa Statehouse as we watch day after day of seemingly no progress on budget issues? Last night, the senate debated a Democratic plan to try to ban a late-term abortion clinic that's scheduled to open in Council Bluffs. Radio Iowa has the background on this, but Indianola Senator Kent Sorenson and Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal got into a bit in the "well" of the senate of chambers last night as the sides argued over the next procedural move during the debate. Here's part of that exchange.


Anonymous said...

Gronstal is just doing a CYA with his constituents, and makes himself a hypocrite. How does it make sense to require an abortion clinic to be near a neonatal unit hospital? Isnt the whole purpose of an abortion to kill the baby before it is born?

Anonymous said...

Soren-scream is a fat whiny baby. I wish someone would've popped him one.