Sunday, May 29, 2011

Matt Paul to USDA

Headed East: Matt Paul was a trusted member of Tom Vilsack's inner circle during both of Vilsack's terms as Iowa governor. Paul's duties at various times included scheduler, communications director and senior adviser. When Vilsack headed out to D.C. to become the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture 2 years ago (after a short presidential run with Paul again by his side), Paul stayed in Des Moines. He joined Link Strategies, which then lead to LPCA Public Strategies. But now Paul is joining his old boss once again. He will become communications director for the USDA. I have never been out there that office. But I found one article that shows Paul may have a little work to do to smooth things out in that agency. The Washington Post reported Paul's predecessor had some problems with some of the long-time workers there. Workers filed complaints against her. She left. Paul enters.

Paul, by the way, has been a contributor to Channel 13's "The Insiders" as a Democratic analyst. This morning's show may be his last for a while. He went out with his prediction that if Republican Michele Bachmann runs for president (and it sounds a lot like she will), she will win the Iowa Caucuses.

Here's the link to the Insiders' show.

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