Monday, May 30, 2011

Palin to Iowa, Maybe

Palin, Palin, Palin: Is Sarah Palin news? I'm not trying to be a smart a$% here. I'm being serious. We have been speculating for months, actually years now, whether she will run for president. She might be building a house in Arizona. A presidential launching palace? The national media are all over this bus tour she has begun this week. As per usual, there is little to no access for reporters to Palin, outside of Fox, of course, the source of one of her paychecks.

Pawlenty, Paul, Cain, Gingrich, Johnson have all announced they were running for president. Santorum, Bachmann and Romney will likely add their names to the list in the next few weeks, as well. Huntsman and Perry might, too. So where is Palin in all of this? Good question. Fox took Gingrich and Santorum off the air as contributors because of their interest in running for president. Yet, Palin remains on the air, despite this latest bus tour. Palin told CNN Monday that her bus tour might come to Iowa "at some point". And let's not forget the Palin movie coming to the state next month.

If she comes, then, I guess we should cover her. And I'm not saying she is not newsworthy at all. After all, she was the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee. But all of this breathless national coverage, though, on her every move, tweet and Facebook post? It all just seems to be a bit much. We have plenty of other declared and nearly-declared candidates on the Republican side. We need to start vetting them. What do they believe? What are their ideas? How will they solve the country's problems? Are they more than just red-meat soundbites? And, of course, I'm not forgetting the president. Since it doesn't appear he will have a Democratic primary opponent, then that changed pre-primary coverage. But we still need to know what he will do in the future. What about the debt? Unemployment? Declining schools? Entitlement programs?

What would Palin do if we quit covering her. For now. If even Fox doesn't think she is serious enough yet for a presidential run (since she is still a paid contributor on the air for the network), then why should we?



Until she commits to running, the news media should not be giving her all the free advertising.
Jerry Holbrook

Anonymous said...

Please stop covering her. She is a waste of news time. Cover her when and if she announces a run. She is just out to make money & headlines. She contributes nothing but controversy & empty speeches.

Personal Home Inspector said...

It might be hard for “liberals" to accept, but Palin appeals to a large "underclass" out there that we tend to dismiss as part of the "goober vote". They're not necessarily stupid, but they're also usually not too well-educated, as they fervently believe in "non-rationalist" things like Creationism, the Rapture.

Save My Marriage said...

Just saw the latest economic news...Obama is toast if he can't turn the economy and being the ignorant far-left fool he is that is unlikely.....If Sarah gets the nomination she will win against him. Odumbo has been a fiscal and economic catastrophe....