Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christie Coming to Iowa

Courting Christie: The Iowans who flew to New Jersey for a private dinner in the governor's mansion with Governor Chris Christie Tuesday evening may not be able to say they convinced him to run for president. But they did help break the news that Christie will come to Iowa this summer. A spokesperson for the group says Christie told the group he will speak at Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's education summit in July. Tonight, Branstad's Communications Director Tim Albrecht responded, "We've discussed this possibility with Governor Christie. We believe in the bipartisan nature of the conference. Former (North Carolina) Governor Jim Hunt, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have confirmed (all are Democrats). Christie would fill an important role in the education summit should he decide to attend."

There's no mention yet of Christie's visit on the summit's website.

Christie's coming to Iowa...let the speculation begin.

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