Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union

The Speech: This is my first state of the union address as a dad. I'm watching as my now six-month-old Hayden sits next to me. I watch these speeches as a reporter. But, of course, now I undoubtedly watch in a different way, as well. Here are a few thoughts:

Will Washington really get serious about cutting the deficit? It's something like $14 trillion. That's $14,000,000,000,000. That's a ridiculous number. For all of you responsible for raising that number, do you feel any regret at all? I remember talking with candidate Obama before the election. He didn't seem to have the deficit reduction anywhere on his to do list. Of course, I remember when I worked in Columbia, Missouri, and I followed around former Governor John Ashcroft as he traveled Iowa. He talked about eliminating the deficit. He lost the election. And clearly, those who won have failed to accomplish his goal.

The president talked about our teachers. Why don't teachers get more respect in our society? Seriously, we are absolutely hosed without good teachers. Should we pay them more? Should we have them teach our kids year-round? What do we do with the bad teachers? How do we get them to improve? Or how to we get rid of them if they don't improve?

All this talk the president is saying about working together...will this really happen? Sure, Dems almost have no choice but to talk that way after the election. But will they really work with Republicans? Do Republicans really want to work with Dems? Do they want to work with the president?

What will come of the speech? Progress? More gridlock? Let's all hope that no matter where you are politically, the economy gets better and people keep suffering. There's too much of that right now.

One more thing...did you see Des Moines area Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell whispering to the Prez? Think he told him he was running for re-election?:)

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