Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Robert Gibbs Leaves White House

Familiar Faces: Robert Gibbs is leaving the White House as President Barack Obama's Press Secretary. It's a grueling job he has held the past two years, a job made even more grueling than years past because of the non-stop, 24-7 news cycle (thanks in large part to cable news and the internet). He also has a wife and a young son, who I can't imagine he saw as much as he would want. Gibbs was a familiar face at the side of candidate Obama as the former Illinois senator toured Iowa during the presidential campaign. Now, according to reports, two other faces familiar to Iowans have a good chance of replacing Gibbs. Bill Burton and Josh Earnest have served as Gibbs' deputies.

Burton has worked on several Iowa presidential campaigns, including John Kerry, Dick Gephardt and Obama. He previously worked for Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. Earnest worked on former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack's short presidential run before he switched over to Obama's campaign (Vilsack, you will remember switched to Hillary Clinton. Then, of course, when she lost, he went to work for Obama as the secretary of agriculture).

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