Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Business for Newton

New for Newton: Newton is one of those towns for which you just seem to root. And that "60 Minutes" story from two weeks ago keeps bringing the town attention. Mayor Charles "Chaz" Allen told me he just got a $100 check from an elderly woman in New York. The woman, Mary, wrote that she had no connection to the town and doesn't have much money, but she wanted the mayor to use the money to help in some way. He is donating it to the St. Nick's Christmas Club for presents for kids. Of course, the present for the town would be jobs. Next Monday night, the city council will hear a plan from Walter G. Anderson, based in Minnesota, that is interested in expanding its operations to some of the unused space in Maytag's old plant 2 building. The company makes cereal boxes, among other folded cardboard products. The proposal would include 60 positions if the city and state agreed to a financial incentives packages for the company.

Allen said he has some job leads of his own. Allen used to work for Iowa Telecom, which Windstream later bought out. Allen was one of the nearly 150 people laid off after the acquisition. He said he is now looking at a couple of strong job possibilities but couldn't elaborate. He said he expects to know something "soon". But again, he couldn't elaborate on how soon is soon. He has also been working on what will be the third season of a racing reality series. It airs on Fox Sports Midwest. It's the Great American Stockcar Series, GASSTV.

Allen said Wednesday, a Russian television station based out of Washington, D.C., is coming to town to do a story. Newton's exposure is about to go global.


Kate said...

The check from the little old lady, that made me cry. Thanks for sharing Dave!

Anonymous said...

It is going to a really good cause Kate. The St. Nick's Christmas Club helped 500 kids last year who otherwise wouldn't have anything

Dave Price said...


Isn't great that people can be so touched to help complete strangers? "Mary from New York" probably made a lot of us think about what we could be doing for people who are hurting right now.