Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dave Price, Matt Lauer

Dave Price: My namesake is apparently out on your early morning tv. CBS is again making radical changes for its third-place "Early Show". Dave Price did the weather, or the limited weather the networks provide in the morning shows, for CBS. CBS didn't announced his future role with the network. Good luck, fellow Dave. There used to be another Dave Price who was a professional wrestler. I don't remember him being very good. One Dave Price who was really good is the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. Stud. There's another Dave Price, who is a congressman from North Carolina. I will leave it up to North Carolinians to decide how good he is.

Giggling Anchor: Speaking of the network morning shows, NBC Today Show's Matt Lauer couldn't make it through an interview when the conversation brought up "package shrinkage" (I also seem to remember a "Seinfeld" episode dealing with that topic, but I digress).
Here's the proof.

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Anthill_Goddess said...

Package shrinkage *is* a problem right now (being a chilly, windy November day)! I couldn't stop laughing watching that clip...you don't see Matt Lauer lose it like that very often!