Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mauro's Home Robbed, Palin Video

Mauro Robbed: Wow, you talk about kicking a man when he is down. Someone apparently broke into Iowa's outgoing Secretary of State Michael Mauro's house yesterday, stole things and ransacked the place. Stay classy, Des Moines.

Hello, 2012: Now that we have made it through the 2010 elections, Iowans can expect the tourism business to pick up. Mike Huckabee is scheduled to come back to the state next month to speak before The Iowa Family Policy Center Action's "Celebrate the Family" event. Huck is the only possible 2012'er scheduled to visit here, at least that I can remember. Stay tuned though:)

Speaking of 2012, Sarah Palin has a new video out that celebrates election night, particularly some of the candidates she endorsed. You won't find people like Christine O'Donnell, her losing senate candidate from Delaware, or Sharron Angle, her losing senate choice from Nevada. Will the video keep her on the prowl for 2012, or should I say "on the growl"?

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