Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Widens Lead Over McCain

John McCain seems like he's been living in Iowa the past month or so. O.K., I'm exaggerating. But he's been here a bunch, a lot more frequently that he was here before September and before the Caucuses for that matter. From the numbers, it doesn't seem like it's doing him any good. In fact, it looks like it's having the opposite effect. Our new poll has him trailing by even more with just five days to go until the election. Sarah Palin is coming back to the state Monday with a stop in Dubuque. But how can the McCainiacs be very optimistic right now?

Here are our latest numbers:

40% McCain (R)
55% Obama (D)
3% Other
2% Undecided

Asked of 658 likely & actual voters Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 3.8%

Our U.S. Senate race looks like a blowout at this point.

35% Chris Reed (R)
61% Tom Harkin (D)
3% Undecided

1 comment:

Shane Vander Hart said...

Nationally this race is tightening. I also think it's going to be closer in Iowa than what this poll suggests.

Chris Reed has my vote because I could never stomach voting for Harkin. He's run a lousy campaign though.