Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McPalin Comes to Iowa

Who said the Republicans are giving up on Iowa? In fact, John McCain and Sarah Palin are campaigning together in Des Moines this Saturday afternoon (they are doing three stops total, although I think Des Moines is the only joint appearance).

Question is...what will Palin wear? Or perhaps, the better question is...how much does it cost? Have you seen this story yet in The Politico? It cites expense reports that show the Republican National Committee paid more than $150,000 on clothes, hair, makeup, etc. for Palin and her family since she joined the ticket. John Edwards' $400 haircuts may look like Great Clips Saturday specials now.


Anonymous said...

Gee Dave,

Why aren't you reporting on what the current male candidates are spending on their wardrobes?

Dave Price said...

Good question. I'll get right to work on that:)

Annette said...

Well, one reason is because they aren't using campaign funds. They are using private funds and so they don't have to post them. Since they used the campaign funds that's why it had to be disclosed. And what makes it so bad is she billed herself as a so called regular Wal-Mart Mom, Hockey Mom type. Just like you or me or anyone. Well, she can't be just like me, but then I have said that from day one. Now I know for sure she can't be like me, cause I sure couldn't spend that much money on clothes, and wouldn't even if I had that kind of money. I used to work right next to Nieman's in Dallas but I still never bought their clothes or paid their prices even on sale I couldn't afford it...lol

Anonymous said...

Did you all think that maybe she needed the expensive clothes because she didn't have any of her own? I feel pretty good knowing that she's a mom like me----I wouldn't have a thing to wear if I were hitting the campaign trail and sitting down for conversations with the likes of Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric, etc.

Private funds....big deal.

How much do Obama and McCain's suits cost?