Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama vs. McCain

John McCain has almost been living in Iowa the past month and a half. Is it helping? Not so much, at least if you believe results of a new poll. A new Marist Poll shows Barack Obama's lead has grown by one among likely voters, 51% to 41%, over McCain. Over the past month, Obama seems to be picking up a LOT of independents, as well. Obama and McCain are also becoming slightly more unfavorable with voters, but not nearly as much as Sarah Palin is.

Here's the poll:


A said...

Obama will cripple America, he says he is going to help the middle class by taxing us less, and taxing the wealthy more and redistributing the wealth. All this means is that he will tax big biz. and companies, so what will they do to stop their losses, raise prices or bail to other countries who can offer better tax rates and more freedom to make more money. So what does that mean for us middle class peeps, we pay more, and Americas big companies and corporations will bail and take there biz elsewhere. So if huge companies leave Amercia what does that mean for us, well that leads to millions of unemployed people, which leads to people unable to make bills, which leads to foreclosures on homes and assets which leads to banks going under cause people are going bankrupt and the banks aren't getting their money, which leads to the economy tanking. So what this ultimately means is that America will cease to be the place of opportunity, and places like china will become the place to be, big biz will go there, our sports stars will go there, all the greatest minds will go there, and even middle class families will start to leave America. Think about it if you couldn't get a job here in the US that pays enough for you to support your family, what would u do? You would go to where u can take care of your family, like so many people have been doing for hundreds of years by coming to America, the place where they can be free and support there families, cause ultimately thats what it comes down to, survival, and if u aren't able to survive in America, you will up and leave faster then you ever thought. So know what is really going on in this election with the candidates before u make you decision.

Anonymous said...

You've just described what has been going on in the U.S. for the last 8 years!

Anonymous said...

"A", so if Barack Obama wins, are you moving yourself and your family out of the country? Seriously?