Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mr. Chairman

We have the showdown of the Chairmen today at the station. Iowa Democratic State Party Chair Scott Brennan and Republican State Chair Stew Iverson will come in to tape "Channel 13's Insiders" (shameless plug alert: seen Sunday mornings at 9:30) Ya think those anti-Culver ads will come up.

O.K., there's no redeeming news value to this, but this Youtube video's worth checking out. A tv anchor totally goes off on the reporter out in the field. And, apparently, the reporter used to be the guy's boss. Juicy... John Bachman would never do that.

And, in honor of my beloved bride, Emily, here are all the celebrities who have a birthday today...

Emily Price, superstar of superstars
Andy Gibb, musician
Berkley Bedell, Iowa Congressman
Marsha Warfield, actress
Michael Irvin, football player
Niki Taylor, zillionaire model

Happy Birthday!

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