Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Been Too Long

I've gone blog-less for too long now. Sorry, sniper fire has kept me hiding low. BTW, how exactly, does a person think she took a trip once and came under sniper fire? And it turns out, she didn't. Does that mean she confused this particular visit with another one where she did come under sniper fire? Interesting.

Stray cats are trying to take over the word, but a local group just received some national props for helping.

I just started physical therapy on my shoulder. Both shoulders actually. It turns out I'm having pain for more than 5 years (or at least this is a theory) in my left shoulder from holding my cell phone. Pitiful. A message for everyone with whom I've ever spoken...I'm suing you!

And I may be having leftover pain in my right shoulder from our last softball game last year. Last year! It sucks getting old. But Nancy at Mercy West told me she's been physical therapy-ing for more than 30 years. So I think I'm in good hands. I hope so. I'm falling apart.

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Barb said...

This has been bothering me all along, so I decided to check your archives to see if you had said anything like what I've been thinking (since I haven't seen/heard this argument anywhere). Here it is -- she could "save" herself by just saying "oh wait - it wasn't in Bosnia, it was in _____ and I got the two visits mixed up." (That way, she seems confused, but at least it happened.) Since she hasn't countered like that, it just makes it more obvious - to me, at least - that it was an out and out fabrication! Thanks for letting me vent.