Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Face Behind Those Ads

This is now the public face of those anti-Culver ads you've been seeing. Today, David Kochel came forward as the spokesman for the Iowa Future Fund (btw, he called the group's name a "coincidence." I couldn't tell whether he was serious. A few years ago, Senator Tom Harkin used that same name for his political action committee. Coincidence.")

Kochel said the group hasn't broken any laws by not filing paperwork with the state or the feds like the Iowa Democratic Party claims. He said the group is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, so all it needs to do is file tax returns. The group's defense against the Dems' claims, he says, is it's not campaigning for any candidate. The group is about "education." He wouldn't tell me who contributes to this group. He would not say what Jim Nussle's former campaign manager, Nick Ryan, does for/with the group. He did say the group is made up "mostly of Iowans" and it plans to run more ads in the future.

The Iowa Democratic Party disagrees “If the Iowa Future Fund and David Kochel are truly concerned about substance and not subversion then they should release the names of their donors so Iowans can determine the true motives behind these ads,” said Scott Brennan, Iowa Democratic Party Chair. “I call on the Iowa Future Fund to begin filing disclosure reports in Iowa so that the people of this state know who is polluting their airwaves with lies about the Governor.”

ETC... They called Dmitri Young "Meat Hook" when he played outfield for the St. Louis Cardinals. It was supposedly because of his bad defense. Young had a nice rebound year for Washington last year. He now has health concerns after coming into spring training weighing 298 pounds. 298 pounds for a baseball! Incidentally, Young signed a $10million extension after that year, when he clearly didn't weigh 298 pounds.

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