Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Superdelegates. Super delegates. Super-delegates. The word seems to have as many different spellings among the news organizations as those organizations have current delegate counts right now. Nonetheless, I'm going with the one word version, superdelegates.

Iowa has 12 of them overall, although the State Democratic Chair Scott Brennan still has to pick (and get approved) the 12th person. From what I gather, it's tight so far. Four superdelegates have pledged to support Hillary Clinton. Three have endorsed Barack Obama. That leaves four uncommitted at this point.

I talked with two of them. Eastern Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley used to be a John Edwards' guy. He said his phone is ringing like crazy these days. Plenty of fellow members of Congress are lobbying him hard for Clinton or Obama. He hasn't heard from the Clintons yet. He did get a call from Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's campaign chair. Obama called him Monday.

Braley said he wants to do whats best for his district. Obviously. He also wants to make sure Iowa gets to keep its first-in-the-nation status. Interesting. I don't believe I've ever heard Clinton promise that, especially after she and her minions have ripped on the Caucuses since they left town. Interesting.

State Dem Chair Scott Brennan didn't think he is getting lobbied as hard as some of the other uncommitteds. He wonders if it's partly because he has said he wants to remain neutral as long as possible. The Caucuses are long over, but he doesn't want to run any risk that he may have shown any favoritism. Interesting. Seems doubtful he'd be a big supporter of the third-place finishing Clinton. But that's just a guess. He also said he wants to make sure Iowa stays first next time around. See above. Interesting.

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