Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

This email is making the rounds in in-boxes across the state. I think it originates from the American Cancer Society...

*Support House File 2212, Statewide Smoke Free Bill For a smoke-free Iowa*

This week, there will be a vote on the statewide smoke free bill. If you have not contacted your legislators, please do so today. If you have feedback from your forums or made calls this weekend, please email me with that information. Our message is: Do not support the additional amendments being proposed that would allow smoking in places that serve adults like bars.

This is unacceptable and a deal breaker for us! We are asking them to support the statewide bill, even though it may not be the perfect bill, we will continue to work to correct in the Senate. Pick up the phone if you can and call your representative at 515.281.3221--Calling has a bigger impact on legislators than emailing, although we appreciate any support!

Please email your legislator through this link:https://secure3.convio.net/acscan/site/Advocacy?JServSessionIdr004=wbefrsh481.app305b&cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1709

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

No logic, it's ok to smell that pig factory down the road or the ethenol plant that we support that is using more of our resourses than it is saving, but....

This is the same government that helped tobacco companies get people addicted. Where was the USDA or FDA when they added drugs to cigarettes?

I have tried to stop smoking for over 25 years and making it like a drug without the help is not going to work.

And what are they going after next?? Drinking! Tell me that is not as bad.

How about perfume?? I lost a job because of allergies to perfume. And some put so much on that you can tell they are coming long before the get there.

What about Kool-aid it causes cancer too!! I remember growing up when everything caused cancer.

I am tired of everyone thinking their crap don't stink. Everyone needs to grow up and start showing some curtosy to one another.
Smokers quit smoking around kids and be polite to those who don't. Non-smokers just as you have a right to clean air, I have a right to smoke.

Just remember give " 'em and inch they'll take a whole yard". Politicians need keep your nose outa my business!

Smoking Mad

Anonymous said...

I think Iowa sucks anyway, can't escaped this hell as the wages are low, and we are taxed to death! Culver is a joke, and what the hell about BOOZE???? Dammm, we can't raise the sin tax on those bastards, something is so unfair here!! Cig's don't kill other by driving drunk, going to the bar to get blittzed, then go home, pound on the wife and kids, and also, when the wife gets left, for another boozer, he doesn't even pay child support. Iowa sucks and so do all the CEO's and all the ass holes that run this miserable part of the country. I Hope you enjoy your booze you bastards, 440 died of cigs, but HOW MANY DIED DUE to BOOZE?????? Ya can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and that describes IOWA and the so called leaders!!!

Anonymous said...

People who don't smoke whill go crazy and who knows what will happen but if they smoke they will relax and come down the goverment don't know that