Friday, February 15, 2008

Changes at the Party

Stewart Iverson apparently isn't waiting to change things at the Republican Party of Iowa. Republican sources confirm the new Chairman (so new I can't even find his picture on the party web site) already got rid of two of the top men Chuck Laudner, the Executive Director, and Craig Robinson, the Political Director. Senator Iverson hasn't returned my call for comment yet.

Some Republicans have complained about the Iowa Straw Poll last summer...turnout, technical problems (which delayed results). They've also complained about some of the rhetoric (i.e. trashtalking) of certain President campaigns, particularly John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Even "glass half full" Republicans seem to realize the momentum is not with their party in this Presidential election year right now and they may have their work cut out in changing that. Will these changes change that?


Anonymous said...

Seriously... doesn't Stew have better things to do like go fishing off his deck at Lake Cornelia? Christ... what good does this guy actually think he's going to do for the party? It needs people with vision and zeal for change not some good ol' boy party insider.

Anonymous said...

Why clean house and then bring in an old face?

Anonymous said...

Boy, you two hit it right on the head. Not only is it the good old boys ( and those caling the shots), but they haven't won anything in the last few years. They have losing records. What's wrong with the republicans/