Saturday, November 10, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Mo?

Nine-thousand dinner guests. Six Presidential candidates. Everyone's looking for momentum. What do you call it when momentum goes in reverse? Two candidates may have a little taste so far this weekend.

John Edwards got booed from part of the crowd at John Mellencamps's concert Friday night in Des Moines. The former "Cougar" invited Edwards up on stage and some of the crowd must not have been in the mood for some John with their Jack and Diane (Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson happened to be in the crowd with her notebook). Will this all take away a little of the steam of the 10,000 person endorsement Edwards just received from the Caucus for Priorities?

Then, there's the confirmation of Clinton's plant at the plant in Newton. Props to the Grinnell student newspaper, the Scarlet and Black. The Clinton campaign now admits to planting a global warming question with a student in the crowd at a bio diesel plant. The Associated Press reports the Clinton campaign first denied this but then later admitted it. Are we going to have to start interviewing people in the audience to make sure their words are actually their thoughts?
BTW, Clinton's people say their candidate didn't know about all of this.

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