Monday, November 12, 2007

Campaign Ads

Vote for Tom Tancredo or you will die! That has been some of the reaction I'm hearing from viewers of his new commercial. Is that a little strong? Tancredo told me he knows this new commercial is "scary."

Is this all just a stunt to get Tancredo a little press and get him to the coveted 5% poll rating that makes his elegible for the Republican Party of Iowa/Fox News debate in Des Moines December 4th? Tancredo said, no. He just wants to push his issue of border security out there, he told me.

I asked Drake University Political Science Professor Arthur Sanders to check out the ad, along with current ads from Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson. Here's his take.

Watch the full ads for yourself. What do you think?
--Does Tancredo shake things up or go too far?
--Does Thompson offer a friendly hello or put you to sleep?
--Does Romney show he's the man or is he getting a head of himself?


Anonymous said...

i like mike huckabee's chances

Anonymous said...

This is awesome to watch these side by side. But what's the deal with Tancredo? Is he for real?

Dave Price said...

We'll see how Huckabee looks on tv next week. He starts airing ads here in Iowa on cable.

Anonymous said...

Why wait until next week? I think he looks GREAT on TV!

matt said...

i am excited to see how mike huckabee does.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Mike Huckabee fan club in here? This Tancredo ad is something. Scare the crap out of us, so we vote for him? Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

"Islamic terrorsists who froth with hate"??? Is he kidding? What about home-grown Christian terrorists such as Tim McVeigh? What about Tancredo himself? He seems a bit frothy to me . . . and his pals like Thompson and Huckabee are are semi-hate filled themselves. Disgusting.