Monday, November 05, 2007

Bio for 5. Make that 4.

Iowa State University's Biobased Industry Outlook Conference in Ames. That's a mouthful, eh? That's where we are tonight. Supposed to be 5 candidates. Edwards is running late from his other events. Won't make it. We're down to 4.

John McCain is up first...

McCain said Iowans will hear opponents say he is against Iowa. (I don't recall hearing a candidate say that yet. I'll have to keep listening)

McCain: he's opposed to subsidies. Not just ethanol subsidies. But any subsidies. Doesn't matter if they're in Arizona. That's his home state.

He says if elected Prez, country won't need subsidies. He'll set limits on carbon emissions.

"Globalization is here. Global is an opportunity and not a threat." "American farmer can compete with anyone. Period."

"I know you've heard before that subsidies to Big Oil will eliminated... I'm not going to make promises that aren't in America's best interests."

We need a candidates who hasn't changed his moral convictions. ( I didn't put quotes around this one. It's close to the quote, but not exact. Safe to say, I'd expect, this was a little shot at Mitt Romney for changing positions on abortion rights, gay rights and gun rights.)

"I'm the only conservative Republican who can beat the Democrat (nominee)."

Question about how to reduce dependence of foreign oil...
reduce greenhouse gases.

"When I look inside (Vladimir) Putin's eyes, I see a 'K', a 'G' and a 'B'"

Talks about need for nuclear power.
Electric cars.
"Obviously ethanol."

Awkward ending. The moderator thanked McCain. He didn't think it was over yet. In his defense, the moderator did tell McCain he had three questions for him. I think he asked only 1 question.

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