Monday, November 05, 2007

Bio, Part 2

Dodd is up next... The moderator introduced him. Oops. he's not coming out yet. Moderator says he needs a minute. Silence... Here's Dodd.

Dodd started by saying it's good to be back in Ames. He was here he said for the Iowa-Iowa State game. He said everyone asked him he he was rooting for. He said the Red Sox. Pretty safe answer now that the World Series is over. (And since they won)

Dodd told the crowd how he and his family have temporarily moved to Iowa. His six-year-old daughter, Grace, just began kindergarten this morning. He seemed to stumble around the name of the school. I have no idea what, if anything, he said.

Iowa can become to renewable energy what Texas has become to oil.

$1 billion for advances in bioscience.

Reminded that he is the only candidate to call for corporate carbon tax. "Corporate carbon tax makes sense."

Rural won't be left behind. It'll be the engine behind it.

Raising Pell Grant by $100 per year.

Talks about how he's worked with Republicans in Washington.

Question for Dodd from audience: What's the appropriate role of federal government in promoting education?

No Child Left Behind is an example of federal mandate of 'pay-as-you-go" Invest in schools. Don't walk away from them.

Wants 50 mile-per-gallon standard in automobiles by 2017.

Closes by asking Iowans to vote for him. McCain didn't do this.

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